Friday, May 19, 2017

LED Lighting in Houston, TX

Discover a better way to light up your business with help from the team at our experienced company. We’re proud to remain local businesses’ first choice for LED lighting inHouston, TX and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re shopping for indoor or outdoor lighting products, you’re sure to find something suitable when you visit our showroom.

Many different lighting products are available through our store. Visit today to explore low-voltage lighting fixtures, or to view interior and exterior-specific led bulbs. We provide low voltage indoor and outdoor led lighting services for business owners as well as general contractors, landscapers, architects, and also residential clients. We have the experience and stock needed to offer solutions to your lighting problems, no matter your budget or goals.

The best way to learn what we can do for your business is by requesting a free estimate from our lighting team. Your estimate will help you glean insight into your options in the context of your budget, as well as enable our team to get acquainted with your goals for your landscape. Reach out today to request yours, and be sure to visit our gallery to view samples of our work if you need more inspiration.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Houston

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Houston

If you have spent any time looking for high-quality light ideas, then you know how hard it can be to find what you want at an affordable price. You also know how challenging it can be to figure out what will work best for you situation and needs. Here are some ideas for working with residential outdoor lighting in Houston:

The Front Door

The point of entry for any home is generally the front door. This area needs proper lighting in order to create a welcoming place for friends and family to gather and enter your home. The right fixture can make or break the way people look at your home. Fixtures can be placed at either side of the door or hung over the entry way.

Garage Doors

This is commonly noted as the secondary entry point for most homes. Matching fixtures that coincide with the front entry way lights help highlight the area and market it as an entry point. Lighting is generally a bit more subdued than the front door lighting but it still must be bright enough to provide a safe entry point.

Post Lanterns

This style of lighting is best used along walkways, driveways, and to provide light around patios and decks. They can be large or small and come in an array of bulb type style design, and light intensity and color. They are a popular option for residential outdoor lighting in Houston because of their versatility.

LED Lights

The revolutionary new bulb known as LED has change the way people look at home lighting. LED is cool to the touch, long-lasting, versatile, and perfect for outdoor lighting usage. They are wonderful to use in outdoor landscapes with directional lighting to highlight plant and hardscape features.
There are plenty of amazing options available when it comes to residential outdoor lighting in Houston. Let your imagination go and find the lights, fixtures, and bubs that best fit your wants and needs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Light the Way: Choosing the Best Outdoor Illumination

In case you're attempting to take your patio from dreary to fab, perhaps you've considered including a gazebo, outside kitchen or chimenea. Yet, once the enormous tasks are put aside, it's an ideal opportunity to consider the little accents that go far: outside lighting.

For a smart thought for landscape illumination, it's important to comprehend what style of lighting apparatuses are out there and what reason they serve so you can best pick the style for your open air refurbishing venture.

Wall Lamps: wall lamps are the best to provide diffused lighting in a territory, an immaculate expansion to the side of the house, and the most regularly utilized as a part of outside enlightenment. You should consider that if the terrace is a place you invest a great deal of energy, particularly in the hotter months, you need a choice that guarantees a lot of light, particularly when the sun goes down. Utilized inside, they are more used to spotlight divider works of art or installations, however outside; they serve as the primary light source. From a style viewpoint, play with geometric shapes and materials, going as negligible or as creative as you'd like.

Ground: These are likely the most well-known for the outside, and you're presumably consequently thinking about your typical tiki burn. In any case, truth be told, there are numerous alternatives in this style, about a celebrated, fancier form of the tiki light, and others totally extraordinary. Discover garden lights to spot the ground, or those that make favor brightening designs on the grass for a definitive explanation in open air stylistic layout. Alternately what about the aluminum wire circle ground light by Catellani and Smith for that enormous wow factor.

Ceiling: We don't see an excessive number of these in the open air setting, yet they're not really incomprehensible. Of late we're beginning to see an expansion in open air relax regions: kitchens, yards, feasting zones. These are generally joined by some kind of covering, whether it be a gazebo or pergola, and it is here where we can incorporate suspension lights. These pendant lights are normally utilized for diffused lighting alternatives and are best when place over your yard table or over a barbecue or open air cooking component.

Investigate every one of the options in outdoor light fixtures and think outside the box with shapes and materials, realizing totally new possibilities for your very own style. Some may require minor installation, while different alternatives can be set up all alone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Outdoor Lighting and Its Benefits

As a homeowner, continuing to improve the appearance of your home is a never-ending goal. There is always work to be done on your house, whether its simple maintenance , or doing things that can increase your home's value.

Hiring a professional for landscape lighting installation will provide many benefits not only to its appearance , but to the entire feel of your house.

Improved Appearance
You're probably aware that your home will look better with outdoor lighting , but it will also separate its appearance from other homes in your neighborhood. Outdoor lighting can set a mood that makes your house more enjoyable, perfect for parties, and a better environment for outdoor relaxation.

Increase Safety
Being outdoors at night , even in your own yard, can be unsafe without the proper lighting. Having outdoor lights installed around your home will provide a safe environment for you and your family to spend time outdoors during the evening hours. You can also utilize motion-sensor lights , which can let you know if anyone is on or near your property.

Emphasize Focus Points
Adding lights in your back or front yard is a great way to emphasize the important structures or focal points in your yard. For example, if you've installed a fountain , created a stepping stone path ,or even added a bird bath to your lawn, these are wonderful places to install lighting. The lights will highlight these features and bring more attention to the parts of your yard that you want others to see.

If you haven't had time to put a lot of work into your yard or the exterior of your home, hiring a professional to install outdoor lighting can be a great way to give your home the extra glow it needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the community.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Outdoor Lighting for Entertaining

One of the best parts of the season in Houston is hosting a backyard party. You can set the mood for entertaining with residential outdoor lighting. Lighting strung between trees can be more work, so why not have outdoor lighting that doesn't need to be taken down or tangled in trees. From pool lighting to creating a glow around your dining area, outdoor lighting gives you fill use of your backyard at night.

Outdoor Pool Lighting
Residential outdoor lighting can be used to light the path to your pool , creating an inviting look. Pool lighting can create the perfect ambiance and allow for use of your pool at night. Not only does it create a perfect scene , but makes it safer to use the pool in the dark.

Lighting Your Grilling Area 
Outdoor lighting is also great to use in your grilling area. We all know that grilling in the dark is not easy, so having the right lighting can illuminate your grilling area. The right outdoor lighting for your grill or outdoor kitchen makes it more enjoyable to use.

Lighting for Outdoor Dining 
Residential outdoor lighting can be used for outdoor dining areas to set the perfect mood. No one wants to have dinner in the dark or bright overhead lights. Outdoor lighting can be flexible and designed to reflect off shrubs, trees, or wall for an appealing look. They can be positioned to shine as much light as you choose in your dining area. Soft lighting can be used around dining areas to create a relaxing mood; where brighter lights may be placed for excitement.

Professional outdoor lighting design takes into consideration how you will entertain in your backyard. Outdoor lighting placement and type of lighting to use is an important factor. You don't want outdoor lighting that can be blinding to you or your guests. Outdoor lighting professionals can also help you choose the shapes and materials of your lighting. The most popular choice in outdoor lights is outdoor LED lighting because of the efficiency and longer life.

At Robert Huff Lighting, we can create a backyard paradise with our magnificent designs in outdoor lighting. We can design the lighting, but it will be up to you make the food and invite your friends or family. Be the envy of your neighbors with professional outdoor lighting for your backyard.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Transforming your Home's Landscape into Art : Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

In the age of " home stay-cations" increasing in popularity, there's been a gentle shift over the last few decades where homeowners have placed a heightened interest in beautifying their homes and landscaping .We will talk about some of the benefits of Outdoor LED Landscape lighting on our blog soon , but we'd talk to share some simple tips you can use to transform your home's landscape into, well- landscape art.

Tip #1: Creating Depth - You probably already know all about outdoor path lighting , but you can also create some depth by placing the lights at a variety of distances and angles around your path. This method works best for curved paths. Depth is also created by lighting both your home and landscaping.

Tip # 2: Mix and Match - Home Decor doesn't play by the " old rules" anymore, and neither does outdoor landscape lighting. Sure, your landscape lights should follow a general scheme , but that doesn't mean they need to look the exact same or be the same height., Create a look that is as unique as you and your family are.

Tip # 3: Safety First - We all want to feel safe in our homes, and lighting goes a long way in being a natural theft deterrent. Use outdoor LED landscape lighting to illuminate doorways, pathways, driveways, outdoor sheds, and beneath lower-hanging windows.

Tip # 4 Focal Points - Does your landscaping feature focal points like waterfalls , sculptures , outdoor seating areas etc? Highlight them. Position outdoor landscape lighting to attract attention to these beautiful areas.

Tip # 5 Cascading Steps - A gorgeous idea for landscape lighting is to place the lights underneath each stair on an outdoor staircase. Not only does it boost safety for those walking down the stairs at night, but it creates a lovely cascading effect.

We live and breathe outdoor LED landscape lighting in Houston and surrounding areas. Our team of experts are excited to come out and provide you with a free outdoor lighting estimate. We can envision the right outdoor landscape lighting to make your landscape into art- and for you to love your home even more than you already do. Give us a call 713-861-2000 to schedule free estimate ,and our designer will help get you started.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Reset the GFCI

The age old " If the light is on, the GFCI is tripped" is the most common way to tell if a fault has occurred , but there are some out there that if the light is on then it is set properly. Most of these style plugs are located where the lights are , especially if it is around a pool area or any location that water may come in contact with the outlet.

One thing to note: If all of your lights have gone out and they are not plugged into a GFCI outlet or if ANY outlets have tripped inside or outside your house that one could have caused the outage because they have been on the same circuit. Outlets in newer built homes tend to be in the garage or bathroom more times than they are outside.

How- To Reset the Outlet :

   1) Push in the TEST Button which will reset the circuit after a      fault.

    2) Push in the RESET Button and you will hear a click        meaning it has been reset.

If the RESET button will not stay pushed in check all the circuits at the breaker box to make sure they are on. If they all are on that means that the GFCI may have gone bad and you need an electrician to replace it.

The most common way GFCI trips occurs is when it rains, but during the holiday season it is normally caused from the outlet being overloaded with holiday lights. Our suggestion for holiday lights is to add extension cords where needed to spread out the load of lights to different circuits.


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